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Sheila Fajl “Pia Earrings~(coming soon!)
“Pia Necklace”~!/Sheila-Fajl-~-Pia-Necklace/p/79059833
“Harlow Choker”~!/Sheila-Fajl~-Harlow-Choker/p/79059835
“Filipa Earrings/Hoops”~!/Sheila-Fajl-~-Filipa-Hoops/p/79018291
“Dahl Necklace” (Spike)~!/Sheila-Fajl-~-Dahl-Necklace/p/79059828
“Alexi Choker” (suede)~!/Sheila-Fajl-~-Alexi-Choker/p/79059836
“Knot Choker”~!/Sheila-Fajl~-Knot-Choker/p/79018289

ECI Dress (I am wearing Medium)

Tommy Hilfiger Polka Dot Ruffle Dress~

Walgreens Metal Photos~

The Smiling Frog Pets~Etsy Store

My Lip Combo, thanks to Natty!~
Lancome Natural Mauve (filled in)~
Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar Gloss~<a href="" target="_blank" rel=”nofollow”>

Natty’s Channel~

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