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  1. The Sephora #55 airbrush that you have for $30.00. Isn’t that the one that Sephora had for $16.00 or is it the new one? I wasn’t able to get the one that was on sale for $16.00. I keep checking the website though. My local Sephora said they sent all their old ones back so I’m hoping they’ll put them on the website. :-)

    • Yes, that is the one, I think it was $17 plus tax—I don’t have any more to sell, but I really like the new #55 now that I have used it a while–it “cleans up” better, too! :)) Lisa

      • Hey Lisa, I was wondering if you happen to have the old version of the Sephora 55 laying around for sale? I want it so bad but of course by the time I decided to get it I was tardy to the party and it was gone lol please let me know if you can help me out. Thanks! Keep up the great videos xoxo -karina

        • I don’t, Karina! I went to the Sephora I usually get them from and they were all sold out–sorry! Real Techniques brushes are great, too! xoxo Lisa


    • Hi..Lisa I was just checking on my rachel k order it’ s been 23 days since I ordered and I never received acknowledgement by email etc. I paid by PayPal. ? I live in NY so its not international ir anything…

      • Hey Helena! I only have one order for you, and it was from June of this year–a “Happy Friday” tee—is that you–on Crestwood Ct? Let me know–you may want to see if you were charged, the order may not have gone through! Thank you! :)) Lisa

  2. Hello there. My undertones are a true (green) olive, absolutely no (red) pink undertones, definitely no (orange) peach undertones and my medium complexion (readily) tans on the bronze side.

    For reference my complexion ranges between shades NC-30 to NC-40 in MAC and shades Naked#6 and Naked #7 in Urban Decay.

    Many BB creams oxidize horrifically into spray tan orange-y shades on my skin.

    Do Rachel K CC creams oxidize into pink or peach undertones ?

    Would this brand work for me ?

    If so, what shade do you recommend for my skintone and shade .

    Thank you,


    • Hey Justine! I think you should get the neutral–it is the one that I use and I am NC30-35—Hope that helps! :)) Lisa

  3. Hi Lisa! I absolutely love your channel on youtube! You are such an inspiration and I always check with you before I make a purchase :) I was wondering if you had any Ysl Tea Rose lipstick that I could purchase? They have discontinued it and I wasn’t sure if maybe you knew where I could get some? I cannot find it anywhere. It’s my all time favorite!
    Thank you!!

  4. Dearest Lisa, I just ordered the Rachel K cc Cream for my twenty year old daughter and myself. I told my daughter to trust Lisa, she is like a best friend to so many. Giving us advice, humor, and most of all inspiration. Thank you for being so giving. God Bless you and your lovely family…and your furry little “babies”.

    • Thank you so much, Irma! I hope you and your daughter love it as much as I do–the BEST thing about it how much longer your makeup lasts–you will hate to take it off! Enjoy! xoxo Lisa

  5. I posted a reply already 2 times, and messaged you on facebook???? I am wanting to buy the Rachel K…never had a response back from you? I see some people have been able to order it?? I know your a busy lady Lisa….please respond back…thank you :)

    • Hey Linda! The Rachel K has been for sale on my blog-store since Monday–it may be sold out now, I will be getting more by the end of the week–thank you! Lisa

      • OK< Thank you!! Love your channel! Is there any way I can reserve one? Don't want to miss out again…LOL… Best wishes to you and your family!! :)

          • Just ordered !!! Excited to try it for first time…ordered. neutral..medium skin tone..I tan easy…hope that’s right shade?

          • Yes, the Neutral will really work on anyone–you will just have to bronzer or put your favorite mineral powder over it–you will be amazed at the finish and how long/pretty it lasts! Let me know what you think! xoxo Lisa

  6. Hi Lisa!
    I am just following up on my question regarding the black infinity scarf, whether you plan on getting some in or perhaps know how I could get one. I know you are getting many comments and questions but I have asked you several times with no reply. I love your videos and have ordered a few times from you already. If there is a better way to contact you perhaps you can let me know.
    Thank you Lisa

    • Hey there! I am not selling them anymore–I was having difficulties getting them and getting one with no imperfections, I do have a black one left that is ribbed–would you be interested in that one? I will list it on my store just on case–they are usually $50–I will sell this one for $25–thanks!! xoxo Lisa

  7. Hey Lisa,
    I just wanted to see if there was something wrong with your online ordering site. I saw your listing for the Leighelena Triple Wrap H Bar Bracelet in black and LOVED it! It said it was still in stock, so I pressed the ‘add to the bag’ and into my ‘shopping bag’ it went. I looked around your e-site for about 10 minutes and went to check out by clicking on the small ‘bag’ icon to the lower right on my screen. It was a few seconds into processing when a comment appeared at the top of my screen that said something about not being able to place the order?! Could it be that I didn’t purchase the bracelet fast enough and someone else was able to retrieve it out of my shopping bag and buy it? I’m really bummed about it because one, I really loved the bracelet and two, the shipping cost to Canada from the Leighelena online site is $22.00 compared to only $9.00 from your online site! :-(

    • Yes, I am so sorry! I will order more right now!! I will get them in by Tuesday–I will make sure you get one! Thanks, Elaine! xoxo Lisa

    • Hey there! The Medium is so light–it is like a “Fair”–they, Rachel K, advised me just to get the Medium and Deep because the Fair was “geared towards” the Asian women with REALLY light skin, wanting it to look even lighter! Hope that helps! :)) Lisa

  8. I just ordered the Rachel K CC Cream! Yay! So excited to finally try it. Thank you, Lisa! I use a lot of BB Creams from Korea; can’t wait to see how the CC cream compares.

  9. Hi Lisa. I am really interested in ordering the C.C Cream but am anxious about which color I should chose. I have pink undertones and I have a light tone. I usually buy like buff color. Any suggestions would be great. :) I watched color swatches and just can’t choose.

    • I think the “Fair” would be the shade for you! You can adjust the color with whatever you put on top of it–mineral powder works really well with it! Thank you! :)) Lisa

    • Hey there! John will “add” Russia to our shipping this weekend–he is in the middle of his “Friday Night Movie” right now! Thanks! :)) Lisa

  10. Hi Lisa! Just ordered the Rachel K CC cream in Neutral. I am SO excited to try it, especially after hearing your rave reviews. The main thing i’m hoping it helps with is keeping my makeup in place longer. You’ve never had a problem with it breaking out your skin, have you? I’m guessing not since you use it so much! I hope i don’t have that problem =) thanks again, Lisa! xox Kristen

    • Hey Kristen! I think you will love it–I have had NO PROBLEMS at all with it breaking out my skin–it actually helps, I think–I love that it is my sunscreen, too–let me know what you think–I “view” it as a primer–it makes EVERYTHING better! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

  11. Hey Lisa,
    I just got my Rachel K CC cream. Thank you:) I just had to come on here to say I admire your hard work. With all the orders you receive, you still make time to hand write a personal note. Thank you for that:)

    Keep up the great work you do with your store!!

  12. Lisa,
    I apologize because I posted this same question earlier, but now I can’t find the post!!! I have been using the Obagi system for 8 weeks now. Do you think it’s okay to use the Rachel K CC cream during the day over the other Obagi products! I know you’ve used the Obagi as well so I figure you would know!! Thanks so much! You are beautiful and an inspiration!

    • Hey Michelle! I tried to find where I answered you, and I cannot find it, either!! Yes, it is PERFECT to use after any procedure–that is how and why it was created–in Germany–it has soothing ingredients, sunscreen and cancels out redness–I have been using my Obagi and Refissa the entire time, they work well together! Thank you!! xoxo Lisa

  13. Lisa, I’m very interested in purchasing the Rachel K CC cream in fair but it always seems to be sold out by the time I get on the purchase it. I was wondering if you might allow me to pre purchase for the next order you receive!
    Thanks so much! Meghan

    • I will be getting more in the next couple of days–it is on it’s way! I will keep ordering until we all have plenty! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

  14. Also, I thought of a couple more questions. How long do you think a tube would last you if you used it everday, or at least several times a week? And I noticed neutral is the color you suggest, but I see you have fair and sunkissed as an option as well. I am fair with brown hair (Jane Iredale Radiant is my go-to foundation base if that helps.) Is neutral the color I would want to choose? Thanks so much! Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hey Kellie! I use mine every day and it lasts a few months for me–plus, it replaces my skincare, sunscreen in the morning–and primer! Yes, I would get either Neutral or Sunkissed–the Fair is a pink based, you are probably more of a golden–I can use all of them, I just adjust the mineral powder I use–if I do use the Fair (which was the first one I used)–I just use a darker powder, like the Golden Glow or LM Classic Beige–I just prefer the Neutral, it cancels out the redness, fills in fine lines and pores, and makes whatever makeup I decide t use last all day! Hope that helps! xoxo Lisa

  15. Lisa, I placed an order for the rachel k in fair. As soon as I realized[within 5 min of order] I had ordered the wrong color I emailed you to change my order. I received my order today and it was the fair. I have not opened the tube and would like to know if i can exchange it for the neutral. I am willing to pay the shipping back to you. Thanks, Linda

    • Good morning, Linda! I am so sorry—of course, I will exchange it–just send it back and I refund you for the shipping! Thank you! :)) Lisa

  16. Hi Lisa!! I’ve been watching you on YouTube forever and you are my favorite to watch. You were raving about the Rachel K for so long I decided to buy the powder and cream from your store and I’ve been using it daily since I’ve gotten it. You name the foundation I’ve tried it but you were so right when you said nothing is like the CC cream. I let my mom try it and she loves it and I’m buying some for her and my sister! Thank You for making such a wonderful product available to us! :D
    XOXO Tara :)

    • Thank you SO MUCH, Tara! I am so glad you all like it!! I will be getting more in this week–it is on it’s way! xoxo Lisa

  17. Just wanted to drop a note to say, “THANKS”!! Love my Rachel K! Just ordered another tube. Thanks for all you do, Lisa! xoxo

  18. Hey Lisa i just got the Rachel k cream in neutral and I LOVE IT,im am 42 and my skin is no longer perfect but with the rachel k and laura mercier over it looks amazing.I have tried so many bb creams and did not work on my skin but this does.So if anyone have tried other bb creams and they did not work,DO TRY THIS.So thank you so much LISA,i have already ordered a backup.Love from Norway

  19. Hi Lisa,
    I’ve asked this question several times but have not received a reply. I’m African American. My complexion is similar to Beyonce/Halle Berry. I would like to order the Rachel K and want to know which color do you recommend or would any shade work for me. Please don’t be concerned that your comment would offend me. I know that everything doesn’t work for everyone. However, I would really appreciate a response since I’ve asked you this question repeatedly on YT & your blog store & have been a subscriber and supporter for quite a while. If you don’t know the answer, I would appreciate a response saying just that.

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hey Tasha! I responded to you the other day–not sure why it did not post! I am not sure about your skin tone and the CC Cream, I would try the Neutral, the Sunkissed may be too gray, and the Fair too pink! It was designed for the Asian women wanting their skin to really be light–but…I always add something on top, so it may be worth truing and adding your favorite mineral powder on top–I use it as a primer–it makes your makeup look beautiful! Thank you, I am sorry—I just have so many questions everywhere!! Have a great weekend! xoxo Lisa

  20. Lisa, I was so happy to order one of the amazing black triple wrap Leighelana bracelets like you often wear. I have been admiring yours, and I am so excited to be getting one of my own! You have great jewelry on your site. Thanks!

  21. Hi. I ordered last week from you and I ordered two Vixen lip plumpers and only received one. I don’t know where I should contact you so I am trying here. I looooove the Rachel K CC cream. Please bring more FAIR back in stock. And thank you for the handwritten note. So nice! I look forward to receiving the extra lip plumper to put in my purse! Thanks so much. ke

    • So sorry, Kellie! I will send another out to you asap! I just put an order in for more CC Cream in every shade–should be here in a few days! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

  22. Hi Lisa – I’ve never tried the CC cream (or a BB cream). Am a little bit leery, but you seem to have really good luck with the CC cream. I am NW20. I assume Fair would be the right color for me? Neutral? Help! Thanks so much – Becky

  23. lisa! I just watched your latest tutorial and at the end you said you got more cc cream in, but i think i missed it!!! the video was posted on 22, todays the 24. sooo sad!!! ive been refreshing my lisalisad1 store for weeks every day to make sure i didnt miss out! i hope more is on the way, i NEED it! lol! so funny how obsessed we become! when will you get more? i think im going to order both the fair and the neutral. you are my favorite beauty vlogger!!! <3 love Alison=)

  24. Hey Lisa! Love you videos! Just wondering when you might be getting in more neutral Rachel K CC cream? I’d love to order some and give it a try. Thanks!

  25. Hi Lisa

    Love your channel. Do you ship to Ireland? Was hoping to buy the Rachel K CC Cream and haven’t seen it for sale anywhere over here?



  26. Hi Lisa. I just ordered cc cream but typed wrong email. Please use [email protected]
    Thank u.

  27. Can someone please acknowledge that they see this. I’ve posted a couple of questions above and have yet to get an answer on either. Since the other questions on here have been answered, I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong. Thanks!

      • Well my two questions are the only ones on here that haven’t been answered. The first question I’m over so I won’t burden you with it but my second question is as follows: “Lisa, if you go back to the Tanger Outlet again, please consider looking for a dress for me. It’s the same one you got, the beige Michael Kors dress with the drawstring waist. I have been looking for it for months and I don’t have access to an outlet. If it’s possible please message me. Thanks!” I realize this is a tall order so if you can’t manage it that’s fine. The price on that dress was so great that I wanted to try my best to get my hands on one. I understand you are busy but you answered every other question on here so … yeah. Thanks again!

        • I only go to the Tanger Outlets a few times a year, they are about 2 hours away–sorry! I try to answer as many questions as I can–I certainly didn’t single your question out–no reason to be upset! Thank you! Lisa

          • I didn’t realize you were that far away. Well if and when you decide that you are done with your Michael Kors dress, please let me know. Sorry if I sounded upset. I guess that darn dress put me in a tailspin. Take care!

  28. Hi Lisa, i placed an order for the cc cream last saturday, do you know when i will get this? i live in the UK so i understand the delay :) x

  29. Order no. 3745

    Hi Lisa

    I just wanted to know how long this order will take to reach Australia.

    Your assistance in this regard is much appreciated.


    • Hey Carolyn! It usually takes about 2 full weeks, your order was placed on October 18, and shipped on the 22nd–it should be there any day now! thank you! xoxo Lisa

  30. Hi there Lisa, I have been trying to contact you for sometime now, and i wanted to know if you could tell me who designed a bra you were featuring, it was black with black satin straps , you were discussing bras that you could wear without them looking like bras or something to that affect. I believe you were also featuring the Tori Bell rose gold earrings, i tried to go through all of your vids but there are too many.

  31. hi rachel,
    i know you get askrd alot, but when is your next shipment coming in? ive been checking this page everyday for almost a week. thanks in advance!

  32. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you a seller for Rachel K? I’m having a hard time finding a seller other than ebay. Can you also help me with the shade? I’m a fair Asian with yellow undertones. Thanks

    • Hey there! I should be getting some today or tomorrow–it is on it’s way! I would get the Neutral, that is what I use–thank you! :)) Lisa

  33. Hi Lisa.
    I ordered the cc cream on Sat. Oct 27th and was pleaseantly surprised that I received it on Thursday, the 1st. Thank you so much!!! I’ve been using it for a few days now and I must say I love the even tone & brightness of my skin. I am stalking your store so that I can purchase more. :) Also, I watch your channel and I have to say Thank you for helping me be more fabulous! I don’t understand the negativity I read on your channel and on here sometimes, however I don’t give it a second thought. Women need to help each other be more fabulous, so Thank You!

  34. Hey Lisa ,
    Really want to try the Rachel K . When do you think you’ll have it in ?
    Also could use some help on shade . I have olive skin ,yellow undertones . Would the neutral work ?
    Thanks ,

    • Hey Paula! I will add some tonight–YES, I would order the Neutral, you will want to think of it as a primer, and add a mineral powder over it for the PERFECT results! xoxo Lisa

  35. Hi Lisa,
    Left a comment on your youtube, don’t know if you’ll see this since my other comment from awhile ago never posted, but I ordered some more Rachel K on the 30th, and haven’t received it, or gotten a delivery confirmation, so just making sure everything is ok with my order. No biggie, but I got the other one so fast, I got spoiled! :) :) Thanks so much and hope everything is going well for you!
    God Bless You!

    • Hey Kelly! I looked up “Kelly Rae” and your email and could not find your order–what name is the PayPal account under? Thank you! :) Lisa

  36. Hi Lisa :) my CC cream arrived 2 days ago, thank you ever so much and the personal note is a lovely touch! My face has never looked so flawless and fresh, it compleates my make up :) thank you for all the hard work you put into everything, it never goes unnoticed. You are one amazing lady. Hugs and kindness love michelle (Shropshire England) xx

  37. Hi Lisa! I’ve been trying since yesterday to order the Rachel K in sunkissed. But when I go to pay your site takes me to a page that says I need to contact the merchant and It won’t let me purchase it:( I’ve left your multiple comments and a message. Please answer!! I really want to order:) Thank you soooo much!

  38. How light is the “Fair”? I can’t find a makeup light enough for me… my oriental gold bb cream used to be light enough … I chose it because some people who reviewed it said it was too fair even though they were light complected…but the whitening in the formula lightened my skin more, and now it is too dark for me and leaves a dark line at my neckline. Some asian actresses seem to have skin close to my shade so I really want to find the palest BB or CC cream on the market. I like my unique look and want a makeup that shows how fair I really am. Does rachel k cc cream and powder in fair fit that description?

  39. Hey Lisa,
    I happened upon a YouTube channel that you might like to take a look at. The channel is ‘GlamLifeGuru’. She lives and works in Hollywood. I think her fashion sense is right up your alley and she is awesome at makeup application. When you have the time give her channel a look. I think you will be inspired. All the best. xo Elaine

    • Thank you, Elaine! I have watched her before, and you are right–she is inspiring! I am going to go check her out, again–right now! Happy Friday! xoxo Lisa

  40. OMG! Wow, Lisa … The cc cream is the best. I have never tried anything like it. I have tried so many foundations, foundation powders, and tinted moisturizers. NOTHING compares to this cc cream. It sets beautifully and is a light to medium coverage. It goes on flawless on my skin. I do have combination oily t zone normal skin and i find when i wear this cc cream i dont have oil on my t zone. The feeling is light on the skin and very breathable for my skin too. It does not feel cakey at all. I find that that the longer I wear it the better it looks. I don’t have to retouch either. It’s awesome. I will be ordering some more. I’m addicted! Can’t wait to receive my cc powder. Love it… Thanks Lisa for introducing this brand!

  41. I was about to order the neutral CC cream from Rachel K’s website and then found you. How long before you will have it in stock again? Thanks, Andrea

  42. Merry Christmas Lisa to your beautiful self and your family. I hoped you could advise on the neutral shade of Rachel K CC cream. I am of fair complexion with hair and skin coloring similar to you!! Would the neutral shade be suitable in your opinion? Best wishes Carly

  43. Hi Lisa, I was just wondering how long an order typically takes to ship to Vancouver, BC (Canada)? I placed my order on Dec 27, 2012 and I still have not received it yet. I am so excited to try the CC Cream and am honestly starting to get a little impatient! Thanks in advance!

    • Hey there! It can take up to 4 weeks for shipments to Canada, I think your Customs is what holds it up–but it always makes it! I would expect it this week or next! Thank you! :)) Lisa

  44. Hi Lisa, when will the Rachel K in netural be in stock? I am also planning to get the press powder in medium. Please email me when they become available. Thanks.

  45. I ordered a few things from your site Lisa and wow they came SO fast!! And I love everything!! Just ordered another CC Cream & ‘find your sexy’ tee. Can’t wait !!~Sarah

  46. Hi Lisa, just wondering if you know when you will be getting in more of the Leighelena exotic enamel cuff bracelets? Would love to order one . Thanks:)

    • I would get the Deep–the Medium is like a Fair–Rachel K recommended that I not even get the “real” Fair because it is so light it is almost unwearable–it is geared towards the Asian Market–I wear the Deep! Thank you! :)) Lisa

  47. I just ordered medium shade pressed powder via your site last night. If it has not been shipped, please send a deep shade instead. Sorry for the trouble.

  48. Hi Lisa,
    Just ordered the CC cream and I’m really excited to try it. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I love your videos! They are always the first ones I watch. Also, thank you for making the Rachel K and other items available to us who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get them. You’re awesome! :)

  49. Lisa… I am trying to decide which CC cream color to get. I noticed that you sometimes wear the light and sometimes the nuetral. My skin tone is about the same as yours. I’m fair… Which color do you prefer? Is there a huge difference?


    • Hey Joanna! There is not a HUGE difference–I would get the Neutral, I am expecting more by the first of next week! :)) Lisa

  50. Hi Lisa – I received my CC cream but there is a small issue. Do you have a email address where i can write to you please?
    Have a nice day,

    • [email protected] is my email–thank you! :)) Lisa

  51. I can’t decide which color Rachel K cream to get…I am way darker than you so I think sunkissed would be ideal but I have read a comment or two about it being grayish. Do you find it grey based, or yellow? Thank you!

    • The Sunkissed has a gray tint–but it disappears when rubbed in, and I ALWAYS add a foundation over it–the Laura Mercier Classic Beige is my favorite! :)) Lisa

  52. Hey Lisa!

    I ordered the Rachel K CC cream in neutral and a Find Your Sexy t~shirt and got them so fast! Can’t wait to wear the shirt and love love love the CC cream! Being a makeup junkie myself, I love your videos and have discovered many new favorite products! Thanks for all you do! YOU ROCK!!!

    XOXO, Darla

  53. Hi Lisa,

    I ordered my Rachel K – Sunkissed Monday Feb. 4th and received it before noon today in the officeThursday Feb. 7th. Used it right away and being Asian – Sunkissed blends right on my skin complexion love the non oily matte powdery finished + non-comedogenic Spf 35 perfect for Florida sun :) Thank you very much for fast, speedy shipping!!

    Sarah – Tampa

  54. Lisa,
    I ordered my Rachel K CC Cream on January 31 in sunkissed. I’ve tweeted you on Twitter and emailed you but haven’t got a response. Could you check if you’ve sent it already? My card has been charged. I ordered the sunkissed. If you haven’t sent it, could I exchange it to the neutral. You were out of the neutrals when I ordered. Thank you.

    • Hey there! It has already been sent out–you should get it any day now, if you want to send it back unopened, I will exchange it for you! :)) Lisa

    • Thank you, Joanna! I am so glad you like it, we tried to order more of the bralettes and never heard from the company–not sure what is going on there–we will check with them again and I will let you all know! :)) Lisa

  55. Hi Lisa! I just found you by happenstance on youtube. Immediately fell in love with your calming demeanor and appreciate your expertise on all things beautiful. I ordered the Rachel K CC cream in neutral and I look forward to trying it. Not much of a makeup wearer, just a little here and there, but you have converted me. With the right products and the know-how I will get my sexy back. Thanks a bunch. xoxo- Amy

    • Thank you, Amy! If you can, go to the Laura Mercier counter, or Sephora and get the minerla powder–that and the Rachel K work so well together, and it doesn’t have that cakey makeup feel–that some blush and lipgloss is all you need! Thanks for being here! xoxo Lisa

  56. Hi Lisa, I want to order the Rachel cc cream in neutral but it is currently out of stock. Do you know when you will have more? Please let me know when you have more so that I can order it. I’ve already purchased the LM mineral powder and can’t wait to try the cc cream with it. Thanks.

  57. Hi Lisa!

    I am wondering how long it usually takes for the Rachel K to get to its destination once the order has been placed. I am a college student, so I will be going home the week after next for spring break. I am trying to gauge whether I should have it shipped to where I live while I am at school or my home.



    • Hey Erika! We ship Priority, so it usually takes 2-3 days, just out a little note on your order so I will get it out to you asap! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

  58. Hey Lisa! Ive asked this a couple of times but think my question is getting missed… I am interested in getting the Gap jeans you have here.. but want to know if the denim has any stretch to it. Thank you!


    • Hey Joanna! Sorry, I thought that was an old question, I forgot I had those jeans still on the site! I just looked, 2% spandex–98% cotton, But they are not REALLY stretchy–just a little! Hope that helps! xoxo Lisa

  59. Hi Lisa! I was wondering exactly how much SPF is in the Rachel K CC Cream (if stated at all). Thanks! Looking forward to your next Friday Haul :D

  60. Hi Lisa, I was very excited to see that you had the SF brushed hoops and bangle on your store! I just ordered myself the ones in gold. Thanks for sharing your findings with us…I really enjoy your videos and recommendations. The Laura Mercier mineral powder is a HG item for me now as well as the Candy Rose Liner. Keep on doing what you do so well! Hugs from Calgary. Claudia

  61. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for providing an outlet for those of us who love to explore make-up and all things girlie. I have been using the Rachel K CC cream thanks to you and I’m starting to get some color now that the weather is turning warmer where I live and interested in knowing if you might have any of the “sunkissed” shades available in the near future? I have ordered directly from the Rachel K site before, but it took nearly 2 months to get it, so I thought I’d start with you first. Love your videos and your warm, wonderful personality!

    • Hey Gretchen! I will be getting more, RK is making a new Sunkissed, but it will not be available until later on in the summer, supposed to be less “grey”—I would just stick with the Neutral and change what you add over it–I usually just go darker with my mineral powder and bronzer! Hope that helps! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

      • Hey Lisa, just wondering if the sun-kissed RK that you have in stock is the newly formulated version you mentioned in your reply to my original e-mail above? Thanks for all that you do and putting a smile on all of our faces! -Gretchen XO’s

        • Hey Gretchen! No, it is the regular Sunkissed formula, the new one will not be out until later in the summer–I was happy they had not sold out of “this one” yet! Thank you, you make me smile, too! xoxo Lisa

  62. Hi Lisa,
    I would love to purchase the CC cream but am unsure of which color to buy? I’m about an NW25-30…is sunkissed too dark? Or should I go neutral? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey there! I would go with Neutral–the Sunkissed is not too dark, but I like the tone of the Neutral better–then I add my mineral powder, foundation on top to get the exact color I want–I use it as a primer! xoxo Lisa

  63. Dear Lisa, I am trying to order the perfect hoops, but your website states you do not deliver to the Netherlands. A while a go you let me know that you do deliver to the Netherlands (Europe). So I am confused. Am I doing something wrong while ordering? (i used PayPal). Hope to hear from you. I am so looking forward to wearing theses earrings. Hug from Holland.

    • Hey there! I ship to the The Netherlands all the time, not sure what happened–I will ask John to check it out—we will get it straight! Thank you!
      xoxo Lisa

  64. Hey Lisa! Just wanted to thank you for shipping out my Rachel K so quickly! I was so excited to get it, I was tempted to wash all my make up off and try it, but it’s already after 6pm and we aren’t going anywhere tonight so, I will just look forward to it tomorrow morning! Thank you again!!!


  65. Hey Lisa! Very excited to try the Rachel K CC cream in Neutral but I see you are out of stock. When will you be getting more? Thanks and have a great day.

  66. Hi Lisa I’m interested in the Rachal K CC but I’m not sure what color I prefer golden foundation. But I use the same foundation color not a darker one than my skin. have a YouTube channell sparklemepink22 is the user name so you can see my skin tone. Let me know your thoughts!! Thanks so much Lisa you’re amazing! Love your channel. :)

    • Hey there! None of the RK colors are “golden”—you have to add your color on top for that–I use Classic/Fair–and then add whatever foundation i want for that day—I would suggest the Neutral–use it as a primer, then go from there! Thank you! :)) Lisa

  67. Hi Lisa,
    I’m coming to you via Miss Tammy. And I believe in “The Gospel According to Miss Tammy”. :-). Soooo, I ordered the Rachel K CC cream and I’m really anxious to try it! Kerry

  68. I wear Missha BB Cream Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Protection (SPF 42 PA+++)
    in Honey Beige. Is the Rachael CC Cream in sunkissed similar to this color? I am African America . For example I wear NC42 or NC44 in Mac. I would love to try it, every time I watch your video I want to ask you about it . But I know how busy you are.

    • Hey Roz! I would try the Sunkissed–but you will still probably need a little something over it to make it perfect, I never wear it alone, only as a primer/sunscreen–but it makes ANY foundation you wear over it better! Jane Iredale loose minerals may have a good shade for you, more honey tones than the Bare Minerals or Laura Mercier! Hope that helps! xoxo Lisa

  69. Hey Lisa. I’m loving your tan lately! I know you mentioned Sally’s and something by Body Drench but I’m not sure. If you don’t mind please send me the info on that stuff. That fabulous stuff…! Thank You, Barbara

  70. Hi Lisa I have been looking for a ring like this Sheila Fajl hand ring bracelet forever, I was sooo excited when I saw you wear it but now it is sold out on your site and Sheila’s website….is there any way you can get more? thank you so much!

  71. Hi Lisa,

    I would love to order your “happy friday” shirt, but I see the smallest available size is the xlarge. I’m a US 12 or sometimes a 14. Is xlarge to big?

    Thank you, Ina

    • Hey Ina! I think it would be fine, they all run true–to a little small for their size–I am going to change the prices to half soon, I want to sell them all and start over!! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

  72. Hi Lisa,

    When will you be getting more of the neutral CC cream in? I have been using sun kissed and its great, but I would love to try the neutral.


  73. Those two milani lip pencils you have for 20.00 can be found at cherry culture for 3.99 each. Big profit don’t you think????? Kind of ripping off the people that you say you love and appreciate so much don’t you think.

    • So, with my NC sales tax, that is about $10 for the two of them tha I have to go from CVS to CVS looking for because they are so poular, do I deserve anything for my time to get them, pack them, ship them? I have to pay for my packing, shipping supplies–thank about all of that, and maybe you will understand a little better! Have a lovely day! :)) Lisa

  74. Hi Lisa,

    Will you be getting anymore of the Sheila Fajl Thin Rounded Cuffs? I notice you only have the gold in stock and I wanted to order the gold and silver.


  75. Hi Lisa! Hope you’re doing great! I’m interested in those Hourglass powders & a Rachel K CC cream. Do you ship to Europe? And if so, how much are the shipping costs? Take care! X Sofie

  76. Hi Lisa, I got the CC cream and experimenting with it. Thanks for getting it to me within a couple of days of ordering and for the nice note on the receipt/ packing slip. It’s such a sweet gesture. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  77. Hi Lisa! I have the Cynthia Vincent shoes in my cart, however you have the price as 0.00. Could you please post the price so I can check out with them? Thanks! Just wanted to go ahead and put them in cart before they were gone! Lol!

  78. Lisa, I wanted to thank you for giving us Oliver’s phone number. I called today and ordered the black onyx castle ring. Told them I got reference from you. Hope you get credit! Ha! I’m so excited to get this ring and the “happy Friday” tshirt I ordered from you. I am taking care of my dad and got pretty run down. In other words, forgot to take care of ME. I lost my sexy……but started watching you and realized I’d better pull myself together. You are an inspiration to me and my husband and kids have noticed a difference in my looks and attitude. Thanks for your inspiring videos!

  79. Hello Lisa!!!! i love love love your channel! you are a beautiful woman with panache like no other! I am around NC-35 and was wondering which you recommend that i purchased. Is the sunkissed really dark? i am oily and want to avoid anything that will turn or look muddy on my skin. on the flip side, id like to avoid anything that would be ashy.

    ur a superstar and it is clear to me that God has blessed you in many ways!! MUAH!

    Gina :)

    P.s. have you ever tried any chantecaille items? i think you would love their HD powder, bronzers in St. Barths and Capri, as well as their lip colors ESPECIALLY pink melon gloss!

    xoxo beautiful!!

    • Hey there!! Thank you!! I think you would like the Neutral, that is what I use and I am a NC35/NW25–you will love it, especially with your Chantecaille powder over it! Thanks for the suggestions!! xoxo Lisa

  80. Hey Patti! Email me your Florida address to [email protected], I want to send you one! xoxo Lisa

  81. Hi Lisa! I love your youtube channel and I have learned so much watching you! I have a question about the Rachell K CC creams. I am a brunette with fair skin and I have pink undertones. Which would suit me better – the original or the neutral? I know some BB/CC creams can have a yellow undertone, so I was uncertain which would be the better choice. Thanks SO much!!

    • Hey Beth! I would say the Classic/Fair–it is the lightest, but I use it in the fall/winter, and just add a mineral powder on top to perfect the color, I think you would love it! Thank you!! ♥ Lisa

  82. Hi Lisa,

    This is my first time trying to order from your website. I am interested in ordering Rachel K cc cream. However, I am not sure which color will match my skin tone better. Also, it seems like you only have the “original”(black tube) available this time. When are you going to restock the “neutral”(pink tube)?

    How do you charge for shipping? Tax? for CA?
    Do you use UPS or USPS?


    • Hey Kelly! I do have the Neutral, in the pink tube in stock! The shipping is 5.99, I believe, and we use USPS Priority Mail! I think you would love it! xoxo Lisa

  83. Hi Lisa!

    Do you have the Rachel K CC in the pink tube in neutral?
    I noticed you only have the black tube showing in stock. Thank you ;-)

  84. Hi Lisa, As I said in my email, thank you for the sample of the Rachel K CC Cream, I tried it and LOVE it!! I was going to order the neutral but see you have the Sun-kissed also listed but none in stock. Do you intend on getting any in?

    • You’re welcome, Christine! I am waiting for them to get more of the Sunkissed, they are reformulating it, supposed to be here in October, but I just ordered some of the Neutral, and asked hi if there was any of the Sunkissed, waiting to hear back, there time is opposite from ours! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

  85. Hi Lisa,
    Do you ship to Belgium, Europe? I want to order 2x Rachel K CC cream in Neutral, but prefer to order from your end than from the company ;-)
    Keep well, Sofie!

  86. Hi Lisa,
    I would like to buy a pair of the Sheila Fajl (everybody’s favourite) hoops in brushed gold and one in brushed sliver. But I’m in Belgium and your site says you don’t ship to this location. I tried to put in Hungary, where my parents are, but you don’t ship there either. Is it not possible for me at all to get these earrings? I tried to look online, but I can’t find it anywhere to have it shipped to me. Can you help, please? Thank you,

  87. Hi Lisa!
    I would like to buy the Chole boots as they are perfect style-wise for my wider calves (the detached panels give more room), but I live in Canada. If I pay for them, would you be able to ship them to my aunt in Pensacola?

  88. Hi Lisa, I am from Australia and was trying to purchase a ring and a CC cream. I was about to pay via paypal and noticed that the total didn’t include any shipping cost. Could you please advise whether this is normal before I complete the paypal payment. Thank you, Christine

    • Hey Christine! Not sure what happened–John checked and it looked fine, but just go ahead and order, if the shipping is not there, I’ll handle it!! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

      • Hi Lisa, the order went through successfully and the shipping cost was there after I exited the paypal page. Please ignore my note to seller with the order. I look forward to trying the products and watching more of your videos. Best regards

        • Great Christine! That’s fine, I didn’t know it worked that way, either! Have a great day, I’ll get this out to you asap! xoxo Lisa

  89. Hi Lisa, what is the bracelet that your wearing with the brushed Sheila Fajl bracelets? It has the rounds opaque stones; love it!

  90. Hi Lisa :-)
    I live so much your tutorials and “happy fridays”! I am waiting impatiently every time to come out new one… <3
    I would like to order BB cream to Norway… But in Norway we paying tax for evry order over 200kr (30$) and it is often the same value. When you fill out product description on package, can you pleas fill out total value under 30$?
    Thank you in advance :-)

  91. Dear Lisa,
    I’m sorry, but this is getting really annoying. It is the third time I’m trying to order the Sheila Fajl hoops. I was checking every day when they are back in stock, because you promised shipping will be open to Belgium now. It isn’t. They sell out so soon I have no chance.
    I would like to ask you if you could be so kind and hold a pair of brushed silver and a pair of brushed gold till you arrange shipping to be open? Also, I am not able to calculate shipping costs added, because it doesn’t say anywhere on your site and when I’m like logged in to paypal already it just says sorry we don’t ship there.
    Thank you for helping me out here.

    • Hey Bernadett! I am so sorry, I will ask John again–I just sent you and invoice through PayPal for the hoops—if you still want them, just pay and I will send them to you ASAP! xoxo Lisa

  92. Hi Lisa! Dont know where my previous comment went so i’m reposting…Is your snake skin cuff coming back in stock before Xmas? Must have it. Thanks.

  93. Hi Lisa,

    First time to order and buy Rachel K CC Cream neutral. Just want to know how long does it take for the delivery of the item to California? Thanks

    • Hey Maria! If you order on the weekend, I will ship it out Monday, Tuesday at the latest, and it will get to you in California in days–I use USPS Priority shipping–thank you! :)) Lisa

    • Hey Julie! Your comment was not deleted, just overlooked, I have A LOT of comments and emails and sometimes I miss questions! I’m sorry! :) Lisa

  94. Hi Lisa!

    I ordered the Rachel K cc cream a few weeks ago, and I still haven’t received it yet! Does it usually take a while to get to Canada?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    • Hey Courtney! It takes about 2 weeks to get to Canada, it should be there really soon, the holidays may have held it up a few more days! Sorry it has taken so long! xoxo Lisa

  95. Hey Lisa, I wanted to let you know that I just received the Sheila Fajl Small Bird Necklace and LOVE it! Now I can’t help but think that it would look awesome paired with the Sheila Fajl ~ CZ Delicate Skull Necklace (with the ball chain). I see that you have one left in rose gold, but not in the yellow gold. Are you going to be getting anymore of the yellow gold skull necklaces in soon? I would love to buy one from you if you’re going to get some in. Let me know :-) Hugs, Elaine

    • Hey Elaine! I think I do! Let me go look…no, just the Rose Gold, I was thinking of the “RayBan Sunglasses” necklace, I have that one in Gold with the Black CZ’s and the clear CZ’s—sorry, Sheila will be back soon and I am going to place an order–she has been in New York at a show! Thank you for asking! Enjoy your Bird Necklace! xoxo Lisa

  96. Hey Lisa! First off, you are precious! I’m pretty sure we carry the same love for makeup, fashion, and basically all things girly! I am really interested in trying the Rachel K CC cream. I’m just curious about the shades….I’m fair with neutral/pink undertones but I can tan in the summer. Right now I’d say my complexion is on the fair side. Would you say go with Fair or Neutral? I’m scared one would make me look too white and one will be too orange. What’s your opinion? I’ll be throwing a warmer bisque shade of foundation over it in moderation as well! From one Southern gal to another, keep being your sweet and charming self! ; )

    From Leslie in Arkansas

    • Hey Leslie! I woould go with the Fair/Classic–I use it all the time for brightness as a base, and it has a pink undertone–I love it!! Thank you for the sweet compliments! xoxo Lisa

  97. Lisa,
    When will you be getting more CC cream. The newer one? I leave for a cruise in 3 weeks and I am all out of the pink tube and wanted to try the latest one. Do you like it as much as the original cc?
    I would like to buy some as soon as it comes in.

    • Yes, I may have a few left now, I will add them after I ship tonight–and more on the way, will be here the beginning of next week! I prefer the Original because it is a “dryer” consistency and I like to layer over it–I have combo skin, but if you would want to use it with just a light dusting of powder over it, or have Normal to dry skin–you will love it! Thank you, Have fun on that Vacay! xoxo Lisa

  98. Thank you Lisa for quick order! Just got it today and loving it!!!!
    I think it may be even better than my original….
    I will enjoy my purchase….
    GOD bless you and your family…..
    Always enjoy your positive energy……

  99. Hi Lisa!

    I know the CC Renew is currently out of stock but I’m anxiously awaiting it’s return and also agonizing over which shade I should order!

    It seems like all three are relatively neutral-ish, so I’m sure I could blend or mix any of the three to an acceptable shade but I obviously want to buy whichever is best for me. I’m fair with very pink undertones. I haven’t worn MAC in years but at one point I was closest to NW20.

    I’m leaning towards light but maybe very light? Is one of them more forgiving? Sorry for the annoying question, I’m sure you constantly have strangers (whose skin you’ve never seen!) asking which shade they should buy and of course it’s hard to know, but I know you’re very familiar with the product so I figured it was worth a try! Thanks so much!

    -Molly G.

    • Hey Molly! I would think Light or Very Light would work depending on if you want to lean lighter or darker–and what you would want to put over it–both would work–I wear the Light and Medium and I am NC35, but like you said it is pretty easy to adjust with the powder or bronzer! I have a few left, I usually save some out in case of “emergency”—after we ship tonight I will add what is left and we have more on the way, should be here by the beginning of next week! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

  100. Hi Lisa, I missed out on ordering one of your leather belts! I have been looking for one like that in Australia forever! Have been admiring yours in your videos. Will you be getting any more?

    Thank you Dahlene x

    • Hey Dahlene! Yes, I have lots more coming, I will add some more later–probably tonight after I get everything straightened out–I have a package coming today and Monday! You will love them! Thank you, Happy Friday! xoxo Lisa

  101. Hi lisa, im a nc42. I want to try the cc cream with laura mercier….what shade cc cream should i order? Neutral?
    Im rich vanilla in laura mercier

    • Yes, Neutral would be perfect! Excited for you to try, the key is to use the RK as your skincare and sunscreen–it works best on clean dry skin–with the LM on top, it is sweat and humidity proof, I love it!! Oh, and make sure you have the Mac Fix+, spray the heck out of it and blow dry it–LOL!! Voila!! xoxo Lisa

  102. Hi Lisa,

    I missed out on your new orders for Sheila Fajl “Light My Fire” necklace in the gold filled metal. I live in Australia and don’t have the luxury of buying off her website. Will you be placing another order from her?


    • Hey Frances! I will ask if she has more, I know we will get more in the next few weeks, and the Large Bird Wing Necklace! Thank you, if I can get one, I will let you know! xoxo Lisa

  103. Hi Lisa!! I would love to purchase the Jenny Bird ~ Dionysus Ring but I’m afraid the size 7 will be too small to fit my middle finger. Will you being getting any in a size 8?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Becky! I will not be getting any more, these were the last ones she had, I am sorry! I will say that it is a true 7, not a small 7! Thank you! xoxo Lisa

  104. Hi Lisa, I never get a reply back on here or UTube but I’m desperate, I’m gonna try again. I must have that cigar ring! Are you going to get anymore in? Like all stuff have gotten from your store, so I’m sure this ring will be what I think it will be!! Those are my fav rings! Only kind I wear! Please answer me back, I know you busy but holla at your girl, I’m a great customer!! XO ❤️❤️

    • Hey April! I will get more, but they are being made now, it will be about a month–Sorry you missed it!! xoxo Lisa

  105. Never mind. It’s too late…it’s already sold. In the future you might want to double check to make sure that pertinent information like that is included in the description.

  106. I am sorry, Robin! You are right! I knew I had shown it several times in my videos and I assumed the color was known–but, I should not have–sorry! :)) Lisa

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