10 Carnivore “Rules” I Break Daily & Still See Weight Loss & Better Health


Thinking of trying the Carnivore Diet?! Don’t let these “rules” and terms you read & hear from other Carnivore enthusiasts stop you 💗 I have had great success breaking many of these rules, and I think it is more important to try it for 30 days and see how you feel! 🥰🥩 I hope you enjoy! 🫐 Lisa

Dr Ken Berry~https://www.youtube.com/c/KenDBerryMD

The REAL Reason I Started Carnivore~https://youtu.be/3VzzjQCnbnY
How To Boil Perfect Eggs That Peel Easily~ https://youtu.be/VkZ_CZjpfcc

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00:00 Introduction
03:02 Grassfed Beef
05:04 Frozen Shrimp
06:19 Farm Raised Eggs
07:14 Processed Meats
08:05 Sausage Bacon & Pepperoni
09:14 What I Eat At McDonald’s
10:53 Diet Coke
12:36 Can Diet Coke keep you from Ketosis or make you crave sugar?
13:24 Eat Nose To Tail
13:40 Liver Capsules
14:15 Adding Berries To Carnivore Diet
15:18 Eating Ketchup on the Carnivore Diet
15:39 Butter With Steak
16:19 Spices & Seasonings
16:57 Chicken Thighs
17:34 Cooking With Olive Oil
18:43 Intermittent Fasting (this will help you lose weight faster)
19:51 Coffee On The Carnivore Diet
20:38 Wine on the Carnivore Diet

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