10 Pair Of My Favorite Sunglasses | All Under $65 | Designer Dupes


Thank you so much for watching, I am so excited for you to try these and on sale!! YAY! 😘😎 Lisa

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🌺 ALL On Sale NOW! Prive Revaux Use code: SPRINGFLING20 https://bit.ly/3KDgCYB
Quay is 20% off when you order 2 or more items https://bit.ly/2HHYPBg

Prive Revaux The Victoria Black~ https://bit.ly/3LHTA4c
Quay Vivienne ~https://bit.ly/3vGrwso
*Available in a two smaller versions, mine are the oversized https://bit.ly/3LJ2fmV
Quay High Key (Polarized)~https://bit.ly/3LMbKll
Quay Still Rich~YAY! Back In Stock!! https://bit.ly/3kJMgsQ
Prive Revaux Coco (Older version) Black~ https://bit.ly/3K5fzQS
Prive Revaux Stuntman Rose Gold/Pink~ https://bit.ly/3FcDywU
Quay PSA~https://bit.ly/3KWe9ZL
Prive Revaux The Ingrid Merlot~ https://bit.ly/3FcPej2
Prive Revaux The Victoria Blush Pink~ https://bit.ly/3LHTA4c
Prive Revaux Coco 2.0 Blush Pink~ https://bit.ly/3v2YfYL

Dress Small~https://bit.ly/3k9I9pM
Gucci Flip Flops TTS~https://bit.ly/3rvQSH1 or https://bit.ly/3FM6hYV
Valentino Foundation MA3~https://bit.ly/3LNBZYS or https://bit.ly/3KMhtGu
Lawless Lip Liner Honey Rose~ https://bit.ly/3LIhuwz
Buxom Gloss Mudslide~https://bit.ly/38PDPJS

My Sunglasses Trays~ THE BEST! I have them double stacked in my drawer

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