13 Stylish Walmart Fall Fashion Finds | Selling Out Fast!! (Women Over 45)


Fall Fashion for comfort and style!! 😎 Black trousers, western boots, wide leg pants, the most beautiful “Valentino Pink” sweater~these are just a few of the pieces I will share and try on for you in these video!

In Collaboration with Walmart 🥰
Walmart Style Video Mentioned~https://youtu.be/CoPOrsZjMVk

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Items Featured In Video~❤️

Red Crinkle Knit Dress S $32 (you need!!)~https://bit.ly/3Spv5fe

Square Neck Dress Taupe S $54~https://bit.ly/3xI8l2e

Slingback Heel $42~https://bit.ly/3qU7YxH

🪩 GOLD Platform Heels!! (I cannot believe I forgot to show these!! I will have pics on my instagram, love the buckle) TTS (available in black–very comfy)~https://bit.ly/3SGiBjB

Silver Boots TTS $48~https://bit.ly/3DIywJE

Burgundy Boots TTS $48~https://bit.ly/3RciStq

Small Fur Tote $16.98~https://bit.ly/3UtG9JU (I like the black and off white, too!)

Pink V Neck Sweater $34~https://bit.ly/3BsXGJG

Sleeveless Knit Turtleneck $28~https://bit.ly/3qVuiqL

Black Wide Leg Trouser 4 $36~https://bit.ly/3S4DSmU
I am so sorry about the link, try this page https://bit.ly/3BZFh8I (I will message them in the am)

Black Crinkle Pull On Trousers S $28~https://bit.ly/3dCWBqD

Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans 4 $32~https://bit.ly/3R3UHNq

Black Slip Dress “Faux Suede” M $13.98 (size up!!)~ https://bit.ly/3BbFnbX

Red Scuba Knit Half Zip Pullover S $28~https://bit.ly/3S835wQ
these pants go with it! https://bit.ly/3LywX2R

💕 Some links used are affiliate ~Thank you for your support! 💗 Lisa
00:00 Introduction
00:12 Red Dress
01:32 2 Disappointments
01:44 Taupe Sweater Dress
02:24 Crystal Bow Heels
03:27 Silver Booties
04:38 Dark Cherry Boots
06:01 Faux Fur Tote
06:57 Pink V Neck Sweater
07:56 Mock Neck Sleeveless Tops
09:16 Black Wide Leg Trousers
10:45 Black Wide Leg Pull On Pants
12:23 Black High Rise Straight Jeans
13:53 Faux Suede Slip Dress
15:09 Knit Pullover Half Zip

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