14 Life Changing Reasons You Should Wear Makeup Every Day | Women Over 45


I get asked all the time, “what keeps you motivated to dress up and put on makeup every day?” Here are my tips and reasons~ real life experiences of the power of looking your best every day! ❤️ I am just starting to understand the power of our feminine essence, the way it helps us nurture those we love and still be strong when we need to be! Taking some time for yourself is a wonderful way to start your day, and be there for those that need us! 🥰 Lisa

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00:00 Introduction
00:23 Make Time To Apply Makeup Etc~More valuable than 15 Mins of sleep
00:52 Have Go To Outfits Ready~YOUR Style
02:45 Don’t Let Bad Moods or Life Issues Sabotage You
04:26 Time Yourself & Prepare
04:50 Have A Good System Going For Your Lifestyle
05:43 Makes You Flexible and Prepared For Opportunities
07:13 If Something is Holding You Back, Identify It and Work On It
07:24 Have Some Go-To Outfit That You Feel Good In
08:29 Self Care Is Vital For Feminine Essence
09:37 Own Your Look!!
11:09 Don’t Wait To Feel Good, Look Your Best To Feel Good
12:58 Romanticize Your Life
13:24 Make A Plan To Work On Anything That Is Bothering You
14:32 Use That Time For Your Creative Energy~Women Need It
15:56 Accessories & OOTD
16:31 Fragrance BDK

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