Fall Favorites~ Snuggly Loungewear & More!


Sleep & Glow Pillow 🥰 discount code for $10 off: Lisa10 You will love it! 😴💕 https://www.sleepandglow.com/#a_aid=5f05adf005ad8

A portion of the video was sponsored by Sleep & Glow~💖I truly love it and sleep on it EVERY night!

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Items Shown/Mentioned~ ❤️
Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It~https://bit.ly/34HQg4N
Kerastase Oil~https://bit.ly/2Vz453L
City Beauty Items “Lisa15” for 15% off for the month of October 🍁
Lip Gloss~ https://glnk.io/0opn/thereallisalisad1
Sculpting Cream~https://glnk.io/moqj/thereallisalisad1
Lumify Drops~ https://amzn.to/2SLcYDE
#SleepandGlow Pillow Info above💞
💖 Set I am wearing from Aerie Size Small~MANY colors!
Top~ https://bit.ly/3nF2wMd
Sets from NastyGal~I will say the set I am wearing is softer! https://bit.ly/2SYndop
UGG Cozette (tts)~ https://bit.ly/2qBaMDM https://bit.ly/3j6Asyx
Vince Camuto Boots (tts)~https://bit.ly/31PRk5n
Faux Fur Coats, mine is and oldie but goodie! https://bit.ly/2GFpO45 https://bit.ly/36SIJmn https://bit.ly/33NL6ox
Minkoff Handbag~https://bit.ly/31CMJV9
Black One~https://bit.ly/3iFmpPo
#MASONgrey Robes with Cuff (several styles and patterns) Mine is Small~https://bit.ly/3hfqeuS another one I like! https://bit.ly/2DdYsAg
Night Shirt~https://bit.ly/30VBwyp

Hanky Panky Thongs One Size~https://bit.ly/3iT5EAm
OnGossamer Undies~https://bit.ly/2SLe3eG
Hanky Panky Boy shorts M~🙈 https://bit.ly/33ObjTY
Skims~the color I like is Sienna https://bit.ly/3lFrA3X
Commando S/M~https://bit.ly/2GQnNlk

Lively Bra M~(my faves all) https://bit.ly/313kpvt
Lively Full Busted Set~https://bit.ly/34T0dg6
Lace Lively Bras~ https://bit.ly/33OPfcb
Strapless M~
Candle~ https://amzn.to/3dmDD31

Dean Davidson “LisaD125” for 25% off
Manhattan Studs~https://bit.ly/2GTcJni
Manhattan Statement Ring~ https://bit.ly/3deaabp
Miranda Frye “LisaLisaD1” for 10% off and free US shipping over $50
Julia Necklace~ https://mirandafrye.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/julia-necklace?variant=32447739428924

Today I am Wearing~😘
CHANEL Ultra Le Teint BD31~https://bit.ly/3jNAVpD
Laura Mercier Translucent Powder Original Under eyes~https://bit.ly/30Uxlmm
YSL All Over Glow Powder (to set rest of face–starts contour/bronzing process)~Good Stuff https://bit.ly/3jNl0b7
Wayne Goss Brush Set~ https://bit.ly/2AIDqZl
Gucci Bronzer #3~ https://bit.ly/2EdJ3As https://bit.ly/3bRBJ9Z
Milani Luminoso~https://bit.ly/33NUC94
Arches & Halo Neutral Brown~https://bit.ly/2BEs4FY
Laura Mercier Eye Basics Buff~https://bit.ly/2SLHwoR
Natasha Denona Glam Palette~ https://bit.ly/2RLcn48 https://bit.ly/2REdYc6
Makeup By Mario Matte Palette~https://bit.ly/3ljsuCO
Benefit Roller Liner Black and Brown~https://bit.ly/3juNhDi
Urban Decay Bourbon for lower waterline–the best! https://bit.ly/2I9xR9o
Dior Mascara Pump N Volume~https://bit.ly/32IF5tk
L’Oreal Matte Lip Liner Matte-stermind~https://bit.ly/320rzAZ
City Beauty Pink Nude Gloss~ “Lisa15” https://glnk.io/0opn/thereallisalisad1
This lipstick is my fave every month! Shining Peach https://bit.ly/2DtxggC

My Camera~https://amzn.to/34dkKez
Tripod~ http://bit.ly/2u4uE2m
iMovie for editing 🎥

💕 Some links used are affiliate ~Thank you for your support! 💗 Lisa

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