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Hey there! Thank you for watching~I appreciate you being here with me! 💗 Lisa

😁 Bloomingdale’s F&F Sale! http://bit.ly/2woE4Ug

Monat ~ http://lisalisad1.mymonat.com/
My Blog/Store~http://www.lisalisad1.com
My Instagram~ https://www.instagram.com/lisalisad1/?hl=en

Items Mentioned~
Mac Nicji’s Nude Lipstick~http://bit.ly/2woBq0M
Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham Lip Liner Victoria~ http://bit.ly/2wpkyHj or http://bit.ly/2yMmsU2
Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham Bronzer Saffron Sun 02~ http://bit.ly/2yMz7Go or http://bit.ly/2yMJ7zB
❤️ Smashbox Powder Brush~ Macy’s has a great kit! http://bit.ly/2wotah7 or just the brush~ http://bit.ly/2wotGM5
Bobbi Brown Golden Light Bronzer~(mentioned) http://bit.ly/2yMCihg
Mac Gently Off Wipes~ http://bit.ly/2yMYW99

Tammy’s Channel~ https://www.youtube.com/user/uppiesbeads59

Cozy N Chic Pins~https://cozynchicshop.com/collections/accessories/products/mini-pin-leather-jacket
Thank you, Korey! 👄

Colleen sent us a discount code! “LisaD20” for 20% off everything until October 15th~ 😘
Colleen Rothschild~ http://bit.ly/2wpikHP
CR @ Neiman Marcus~ http://bit.ly/2yNrXBN
🐻 Magic Bear Luxury Sleep Mask~ http://bit.ly/2wq7Tnk

Photo Leave In Day Cream Hair Treatment~ http://bit.ly/2woruEo
Nuxe Body Cream/ Lip Conditioner~ https://us.nuxe.com/nuxe-body-skincare/moisturizing-body-lotion-nuxe-body-24hr-moisturizing-body-lotion-for-velvety-soft-skin-pump-action-bottle-6.7-fl.-oz.
😘 Denise’s Instagram~ https://www.instagram.com/denisezbeauty/

Milani Matte Naked Lipstick~ http://bit.ly/2yNAc0T
Thank you, Frances!! 😘 ❤️

👗 40% OFF!!! The Loft Dresses~ (I wear a size 4 in these)
Pinstripe dress~ http://bit.ly/2yMES6Y
Black dress~http://bit.ly/2woslFn
I love these, too!

Gucci Handbag~http://bit.ly/2uVqkDE or http://bit.ly/2woFHkU
solid Black~http://bit.ly/2yO3KuW
LOVE this one, will get one day!~ http://bit.ly/2uUtcAO

Stuart Weitzman Alljill Boots~ (love the anthracite, too!) True to size~ http://bit.ly/2wpkRlw
Bloomingdale’s http://bit.ly/2wo1Bof
The “Alljack” is nice, too–lower heel~ http://bit.ly/2wousZy
Hue Temp Tights(I wear size 2, and these are machine wash–I hang them to dry)~ http://bit.ly/2wplCLo


Today I am Wearing~ ❤️
YSL All Hours Primer~http://bit.ly/2wQvr5Y http://bit.ly/2xDMg4b
YSL All Hours Foundation BD45~http://bit.ly/2xSic4a
I use this brush for foundation/1 pump~ http://bit.ly/2waPAm1
Laura Mercier Classic Beige Pressed Powder~http://bit.ly/2vqAYO6
Estee Lauder V Beckham Safrron Sun Bronzer~http://bit.ly/2yMJ7zB http://bit.ly/2yMz7Go
Smashbox Contour Kit~http://bit.ly/2v7ha7v
YSL All Hours Concealer #3~http://bit.ly/2wYVlY0
Hourglass Ambient Palette~ http://bit.ly/2fgzK2C
Chanel Blush Rose Initial~ http://bit.ly/2woZwIK
Tarte Powder fort zone~http://bit.ly/2uZGBCE
Anastasia Taupe Brow Powder duo~http://bit.ly/2rXWL2h
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel~http://bit.ly/2uQQM1n
Viseart Theory Palette Minx~http://bit.ly/2xS1jGH or http://bit.ly/2xS4luD
Mac Blitz N Glitz Gel Liner~http://bit.ly/2vdWsxS
Dior Pump N Volume Mascara~http://bit.ly/2v9PJVL
Red Cherry 43 Stevi Lashes~http://bit.ly/2rW4e2c
Estee Lauder V Beckham Victoria Lip Liner~http://bit.ly/2yMmsU2 http://bit.ly/2wpkyHj
Mac Nicki’s Nude Lipstick~http://bit.ly/2woBq0M
Laura Gellar Body Frosting~http://bit.ly/2th7kdU

Hair Products Used~ 👸
My Monat Website~ http://lisalisad1.mymonat.com/
Monat Renew Shampoo, Depp Smoothing Conditioner, Rejuvenique Oil
L’Anza Trauma Treatment ~ http://bit.ly/2vqoypu
Bumble & Bumble Styling Cream~http://bit.ly/2wpw6dA
R&CO Jackpot Cream~http://bit.ly/2xRYlSs http://bit.ly/2xRQNz9
KMS Hairspray~http://bit.ly/2w886vt
Living Proof Dry Volume Spray~http://bit.ly/2x8Bm9o
T3 Hair Dryer~http://bit.ly/2rdPUxW
Babyliss Curling Iron~http://bit.ly/2woukJP

My Camera~ http://bit.ly/2u4PU7W
Tripod~ http://bit.ly/2u4uE2m
iMovie for editing 🎥

💕 Some links used are affiliate ~Thank you for your support! 💗 Lisa

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