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The key to Modere’s Trim, Liquid Biocell Pure and Liquid Biocell Life is Modere’s inovative Biocell Liquid Collagen.

TRIM – Chocolate – Trim features an innovative, first-in-the-world combination of two leading technologies for a body transformation experience—CLA to accelerate fat reduction, and Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology to improve muscle tone and restore youthful skin.

LIQUID BIOCELL® PURE – Liquid BioCell® Pure is the new generation of collagen and it’s completely changing the way you look, the way you feel, and the way you age. All with zero sugar, zero carbs and zero calories. Its award-winning, multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology is clinically shown to improve joint mobility, reduce discomfort, and promote healthy connective tissue. And it gets better. Liquid BioCell reduces wrinkles from the inside out.

MODERE AXIS™ TREBIOTIC – Your gut microbiome is the master switch to wellness. Turn it on with one-of-a-kind Modere Axis™ TreBiotic, cutting-edge nutraceutical science that goes beyond gut health because of the 3-in-1 Microbiome Matrix™ technology.

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The Modere story begins with their ingredients.

Modere wanted to be confident that the products they use in, on and around our bodies were not only effective, but safe for our families and loved ones. But popular nutritional, personal care and household formulas often contained ingredients that could be controversial, not only to human health, but to the environment.

That’s why Modere’s first clean label product (a shampoo) was pioneered more than 30 years ago, and they are still passionate about the idea that what they leave out of their products is as important as what they include. Their clean label promise means you always have safe, effective alternatives to the lifestyle essentials you and your family depend on every day.


How many times have you tried a “natural” alternative, only to be disappointed by the results?

At Modere, they believe you should never have to sacrifice performance for safety, or safety for performance. That’s why Modere works with industry-leading experts and scientists, combining research into the most remarkable new discoveries in nature with unique, cutting-edge scientific advancements to develop their state-of-the-art clean label essentials.

Modere formulas are so good, many are backed by clinical studies and have won multiple patents and awards.


Modere’s commitment to earth-consciousness includes household formulas that are confirmed biodegradable and graywater safe. They absolutely refuse to test on animals. Their packaging is BPA-free and recyclable wherever possible. And even better, they prioritize renewable energy with our 100% wind-powered manufacturing facility.

Common Questions That Are Asked About Modere

What is Modere?

Modere is a modern health and wellness company that offers various health, personal, and household products to consumers via direct sales. Among the products offered by Modere are weight loss drink powders and capsules, nutritional supplements, and beauty creams. These products are certified environmentally friendly in crucial ways, including the use of recyclable packaging and the omission of harmful and toxic chemicals. Learn more at

Does Modere BioCell® Life really work?

The research concluded “ingestion of BioCell Collagen® affects aging-associated physiological processes and reduces visible signs of skin aging, including lines and wrinkles. The findings reported in this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial included a measurable improvement in signs of aging in women, represented by increased skin elasticity, reduction of crow’s feet, and improvement in depth and number of fine lines and wrinkles. The full findings of the peer-reviewed study are published in the September/October issue of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and posted on PubMed.  In another 80-subject study. In the study they gave participants BioCell Collagen for 70 days. 40% of subjects experienced an improvement in joint health by 30%.

Is Modere a Pyramide scheme?

Technically no, Modere is not a pyramid scheme. It’s possible for “Social Marketers” to make money just by selling Modere products and without recruiting anyone.

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