Red Aspen Nails & Makeup~ A Comedy Skit For Sure!


Thank you so so much for watching, and being my friends! ❤️ Lisa

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My Nails~❤️ (Spend $60 Get A Free Nail Dash Set Added To Your Cart)
Bonjour Julie are Medium~Will try those NEXT!!
SHORT Nail Dashes~
Red/ Tulips For Tiffany~
Leopard For Lydia~

MISS Lashes (I cut one in half)
Fulfilled Eye Palette(Not all shadows have the dust up) ~
Asha’s Ink Liner~
Pump It Up Maggie Mascara~
Aspen Glow Pearl Crown Highlight~

My Sweatpants Size1~
My Tank~
Overshirt~it’s older

Lip Combo~💋
Lancome Ideal~
Loreal Shining Peach~
I ordered the Red Aspen Lip Liner in Chocolate Cosmos and it was too dark, but I loved the consistency, will order more to try! I had applied this first 🥰

My Camera~
iMovie for editing 🎥

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