Tati Beauty Palette Tutorial & Giveaway


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Slip Dress~http://bit.ly/2CBccRs http://bit.ly/2rp9lc0 http://bit.ly/33ugi9U http://bit.ly/2O1r9BJ
Bra~ http://bit.ly/2YltoUs
Faux Fur ~http://bit.ly/2Cn5ZZk
Velvet Blazer M~ <a href="http://bit.ly/2QUPhHa" target="_blank" rel=”nofollow”>http://bit.ly/2QUPhHa
Long Cardigan M~http://bit.ly/326LOt3
Gucci Sandals~(tts) http://bit.ly/2KMUtNN http://bit.ly/2O1gAjE
⭐️ I have these in red and love them! Gold~ http://bit.ly/2Cy1yLc

Products Used/Mentioned~ ❤️
YSL Primer~http://bit.ly/33KmH0m
Cle de Peau Radiant Foundation 30~http://bit.ly/2NCo5ge
YSL All Hours Powder B50~http://bit.ly/2ByBtLF
Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter 3~http://bit.ly/2NlPXX5
Cle de Peau Bronzer 2~http://bit.ly/2NCo0Js
Laura Mercier Highlight 01~http://bit.ly/2mGWLTh
Cle De Peau Blush 1~http://bit.ly/2NylwvF
Hoola Bronzer~http://bit.ly/31djODu
Anastasia Rosewood Bronzer~http://bit.ly/2Anu0yz
Lise Watier Brow Brush~https://amzn.to/2NDzqwU
Smith Brow. Brush~http://bit.ly/2HDGRzL
Anastasia Ash Brown Powder~http://bit.ly/2CAiZuO http://bit.ly/2pHre5a
Anastasia Clear Brow Gel~http://bit.ly/2qyU9IY http://bit.ly/2TudAAj
Mac Paint Pot Soft Ochre~http://bit.ly/2JvdDal
Beauty Blender Pro~http://bit.ly/2NCKDO9 Reg~http://bit.ly/2Wd4wkI
MAC Soft Brown Shadow(you can use your bronzer, too)~http://bit.ly/2p8Bvat
Tati Beauty Palette~https://www.tatibeauty.com/products/textured-neutrals-vol-1
L’Oreal Espresso Gel Liner~http://bit.ly/2W9jpRY
Benefit Roller Liner Brown~http://bit.ly/2pd5zls
Maybelline Mascara~http://bit.ly/32G7VYX
Grande Lash~http://bit.ly/2KiNJFP
Kiss Jubilee Lashes~http://bit.ly/2pUbnAA
Duo Glue Dark~http://bit.ly/2Xca24s
Lancome Liner Ideal~http://bit.ly/2VQJw38
Cle de Peau. Lipstick Pouty~http://bit.ly/2rt2z53
Cle de Peau Liquid Lip Touch of Blossom~http://bit.ly/2K84wKO
Farsali Unicorn Lip Conditioner~ http://bit.ly/2Q15LPN
Urban Decay Uzi liner~http://bit.ly/2O5joKT
Cle de Peau Concealer Beige~http://bit.ly/2K9MBDo
Charlotte Tilbury Powder 2~http://bit.ly/306GBo7

Vita Liberata Latte (arms chest) http://bit.ly/2mzU1He

BK Beauty Brushes~”LisaLisaD1″ for 10% off https://www.bkbeauty.com
Louise Young Brushes~ My Faves~ https://www.lisalisad1.com/store/Louise-Young-Luxury-Vegan-Brushes-Lisas-Favorites-p144955722
Sonia G Brushes~http://bit.ly/2Tmtv3z

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My Camera~ https://amzn.to/2YPesxE
Tripod~ http://bit.ly/2u4uE2m
iMovie for editing 🎥

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