Tiny Brow Update & Exciting New Outfits from Walmart


Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoy, I have been so happy with my #Walmart purchases–some really good finds! ❤️ Lisa

#WeDressAmerica #WalmartFashion

Items Shown~❤️
Ben Hogan Men’s Shorts~ http://bit.ly/2Xyu2h6
Aviator Sunglasses~ http://bit.ly/2Imiabp
Nightie~ http://bit.ly/2lnC1z4
Cami Tanks (M)~http://bit.ly/2loM72F (sold separately in stores)
Wrangler Shorts for Will~ http://bit.ly/30xMx69
Bralettes (M)~ http://bit.ly/2uYuSa0
White Wide Leg Crop Pants~(TTS/mine are 8) http://bit.ly/2MtP2Ep
🖤 Jumpsuit~ http://bit.ly/2NTLEn5
🖤 Dress~(comes in more colors) http://bit.ly/2lz7Q8k

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