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Gianni Bini Shoes 💗 True To Size, I love this brand!
Amina Muaddi Inspired (mine are black satin from laste year, not sure they are still available) https://bit.ly/3f7wQvI or https://bit.ly/3fftV49
My Fave Bottega Style~TTS https://bit.ly/3tenaI3
Bottega Inspired~ https://bit.ly/3HLdgSm or https://bit.ly/31Chqtr
Valentino Inspired~ https://bit.ly/3FfcpaZ

The Rivington Ribbed Tank Top Small~ https://bit.ly/3Fcl8Lc
Honeylove Silhouette Bra Small~ 10% Off ➡️ https://honeylove.sjv.io/c/378032/1167061/13574
Blazer Small~ https://bit.ly/3HurZlh ON SALE!
Trousers from Mango Size 4~(mine are older, style Zahara) similar https://bit.ly/3r7gF7k
These look awesome, the entire line does! https://bit.ly/3HLhNnQ
These would look good, too! https://bit.ly/3r2JX76
Vans TTS~ https://bit.ly/3bHNvVf
Chanel 19, the smallest size~Preowned https://bit.ly/3K0A3vi
Clutch Mentioned~Manseur Gavriel https://bit.ly/36shkGJ
Bottega Clutch (she is carrying)~ https://bit.ly/3qd5ta2

U Necklace~Discount Code Lisa15 for 15% off website https://oliverclothing.com/products/14k-gold-u-necklace?_pos=1&_sid=2d62b05a4&_ss=r
Jenny Bird L Monogram Necklace~https://bit.ly/3Gd6fth
Dean Davidson Small Knockout Pendant Moonstone (Genuine stone, 14kt gold) Code: LisaD125 for 25% off https://bit.ly/2ZRf9Na

Same Effect for less~ https://bit.ly/3zJcjr0 https://bit.ly/34s2i5Q
Initial Necklace~ https://bit.ly/31H5BFg

Today I am Wearing~🖤
Chanel Serum~https://bit.ly/3G131sJ
Valentino Foundation (New Shade) MA2~ https://bit.ly/3m9AjyS
EcoTools Bio Sponge~ https://amzn.to/3pZIjEc
Maybelline Master Conceal 30 Light/Medium~ https://amzn.to/3G2BW8o
Hourglass Ambient Palette~ https://bit.ly/3lPgkVc
CHANEL Blush Rose Petale~https://bit.ly/3BTgdhy
Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder #2~ https://bit.ly/3eJPsSi
Anastasia Brow Powder Medium Brown~ https://bit.ly/3yvwV4N
Benefit Brow Set Clear~ https://bit.ly/3m7l2KY
Valentino Twin Liner Black/Nero~ https://bit.ly/3zjABad
Bambi Mascara~https://amzn.to/3F5y31n
Kiss Jubilee Lashes Trimmed~ https://amzn.to/3eS67TN

*Wearing my Makeup Collab/Collection for eyes, and lip liner 👄
❤️ LDXCA Performance Neutrals Collection~Golden Hour Lipstick is in the Bundle~https://christianaudette.com/collections/lisa-duncans-performance-neutrals

Along with L’Oreal Shining Peach~https://amzn.to/3FbbrfR (I wanted to show how good the lip liner looks with this lipstick, too)
Hindash Palette~ https://bit.ly/3HU4kKm

Items in This Room 🌿✨
Gold Garment Rack~ https://amzn.to/30D0zZX
Black Drum Lights (both rooms)~ https://bit.ly/3pkMVEM
Sofa~https://bit.ly/30ApNrE Phantom Grey Velvet
Coffee Table (Similar, mine is from consignment) https://bit.ly/3oOOeKg
Chairs~https://bit.ly/2WT1cwF similar~https://bit.ly/3BTW2Qb
Lip Art~https://bit.ly/3jHy6ZK
Lamp by Mirror~https://bit.ly/2YSwMez
Lamp By Chairs~ https://bit.ly/3iJNZ0O
Similar~ https://bit.ly/3vl30eH
Modern Planter~https://bit.ly/3wD8iCN

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