12 Unbelievably Comfortable Stylish High Heels For Women Over 45


In this video I will try on 12 pairs of stylish, affordable, comfortable high heels that will make you feel your best, but not kill your feet! (and easy to walk in!!) 🥰 Lisa

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INEZ Ceci Chalk TTS~https://bit.ly/3AHBtY2
INEZ Diana Halter Back TTS~ https://bit.ly/3pYfQha
Ugg Cozette TTS~https://bit.ly/3PoZg4K
INEZ Sara Gold TTS~https://bit.ly/3Qb73ms
Schutz Maryanna Boots TTS~https://bit.ly/3CdVfN7
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Schutz Mary Boots TTS~https://bit.ly/3wUQjcn
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Tamara Mellon Frontline 75 TTS~ https://bit.ly/3Q5633m
Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps TTS~https://bit.ly/3cMVDHU
Sam Edelman Bianka Slingbacks TTS~https://bit.ly/3wKVvj9
Bottega Veneta Stretch Mules TTS~https://bit.ly/3CWLnaT

Walmart Dress S~https://bit.ly/3QdSr5Z
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Rolex Watch

More Comfy Heels I Have Shown and LOVE~✓
Vince Camuto TT~https://bit.ly/3Pr3bhI
Frame TTS~https://bit.ly/3yPaolL
Veronica Beard TTS~https://bit.ly/3c1UY4Z

💕 Some links used are affiliate ~Thank you for your support! 💗 Lisa
00:00 Introduction
01:14 Style Conference Stylish Shoes I Can Stand AND Walk In
02:41 Sarah Flint Perfect Block Heel
03:13 INEZ Isa
05:49 INEZ Camilla
07:02 INEZ Ceci
08:14 Perfect Amount of Toe Cleavage
08:32 INEZ Dianna
09:48 UGG Cozette
09:59 INEZ Sara
11:01 SCHUTZ Mary & Maryanna Boots
11:24 Schutz Ariella
12:11 Aerosole Puffer Quilted Sandal
13:43 Aerosole Landon Sandal
15:48 Aerosole Nadia Block Heel
17:28 Tamara Mellon Frontline 75
19:44 Sam Edelman Bianka
19:55 Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps
20:59 Bottega Venetta Stretch Mule Sandals

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