17 Q&A | Lip Filler, Must Have Clothing, Adult Children & Feminine Energy (Women Over 45)


Some of these questions deserve an entire video, please let me know what you would like to see first! 🥰 I will answer questions about lip filler, will I ever cut my hair, does the Nuface really work, my 5 must have fashion items, does body bronzer stain clothes, and baby names we liked but didn’t use 💗 Enjoy, and I would love to have your feedback! ❤️ Lisa

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Kenzzi Video Mentioned~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70C0BkOskjM&t=168s

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Fragrance was Imaginary Authors Whiff of a Waffle Cone, my mom and dad loved it, I gave to her–it’s a good one!! https://imaginaryauthors.com/products/a-whiff-of-wafflecone

💕 Some links used are affiliate ~Thank you for your support! 💗 Lisa
00:00 Introduction
00:10 Dry Feet Cracked Heels
00:28 Do you do your nails yourself?
00:59 Rodial Glass Powder
01:24 If you could only choose 5 pieces of clothing, what would they be!?
02:36 GAP Girlfriend Jeans
03:38 SKIMS & Honeylove Tank/Bodysuits
06:24 GRWM With Totally Different Colors
07:51 How To Discipline Adult Children
08:06 Laura Geller Body Bronzer
08:42 Will you ever cut your hair?
09:20 Feminine Energy
12:02 How to stay confident when aging?
13:03 Kenzzi Hair Removal Device
13:54 Nuface & NRGY Devices
14:34 Skincare during menopause
14:53 How to get hair to grow longer
16:55 Botox Filler Plastic Surgery Lasers
17:18 Do you still get lip filler?
19:03 Baby names you liked but didn’t use
21:09 How to stay motivated to look put together every day
22:21 OOTD
23:09 NEW Shoes ASOS
26:06 Top 10 OPI Nail Polishes?!

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